i am retired & disabled from interior decorating and making high end custom window treatments and bedding. this cottage was my drapery shop until 2012. my mom & i were in business together for 20 years and i was in business for 10 years. when we closed our shop to the public, we took parts of the business to our homes and worked that way. she became ill in 2008 and passed away in 2012. i had been diagnosed with RA & fibromyalgia in 2011. after she died, i worked some and then it got harder for me stand to cut & make window treatments. i decided, after a lot of praying, to close. the drapery shop was always more her dream than mine. my dream was to craft and make pretty things. i was crafting in the 80’s & 90’s with all of the geese, pigs, & grapevine wreaths. i loved it. in 2013, i decided to go with my love of crafting. i made my drapery shop into a shabby chic craft cottage. my husband (mr. bunny) & my son (bunny jr.) worked that whole summer making it the way i saw it in my mind. this is the result you now see. i made stuff all the time. many things just for hanging up and boxes galore for storing all of my crafting supplies. i have some awesome friends on the angels garden group that i am involved in. they have encouraged me to think about selling some of my creations. i thought about it for a few months. i never expected to do this. i thought for the most part, i might do a craft fair sometime. my cottage has been getting full. i need to let some things go. this is how all of this began. bear with me as i learn to do this. i’ve never had a page before and i am figuring it out as i go. i post a lot of my cottage here. i do share some other pages that i love. there will be my crafts shown and probably the mess i made making them. i hope you enjoy coming to this page and mostly, i hope that God is glorified! ♥