Blue custom made drapes

One pair of blue/gray custom drapes. empire pleats with dip in the middle of pleats. 16 1/2″ attached flap valance with gold, blue, lt green, and rose trim. lined. 3 fold pleat with ring sewn on top of pleat. pewter colored ring is 1 1/4″ outside diameter and 1″ inside diameter. drapery length is 64 1/2″. inside ring to bottom of hem is 65 1/2 inches. the window they were hanging on is 31″ wide without a trim around window. they were extended 6″ on each side. that would make them cover 43″. they could be extended a few inches more but that would take away from the dips between the pleats. they could also be moved in a few inches and that would add to the dip between the pleats. either way would work. these are very nice. handmade. will also include rod, brackets, & finials.